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Plan your Vacation, Cruise, Destination Tour and Holidays in Crete and the beautiful Greek islands. 

Platanos Tours 

Platanos Tours is a travel agency uniquely focused on international travel local excursions and cruises. Since 1985, the company has been committed to providing travelers with the most comprehensive set of airlines and ferries, fares and flights, allowing people to experience popular, well-traveled destinations as well as some of the most remote corners of the world. By working with a vast network of trusted global partners, Platanos Tours published and negotiated fares to put the very best of Cretan and Mediterranean content all in one place. Travelers who visit Platanos Tours can get thousands of flights, fares, excursions and book rooms at the lowest prices available, as well as rent cars all over the world.


Excursions, Jeep Safari and Organized Sight Seeing Bus Tours with multilingual Guides in Crete Island.


Mediterranean cruises with a wide range of great value cruise and stay deals.

"Pirate" Cruises

Santorini Day Trip from Heraklion with Breakfast and Dinner

from € 125.00

Full-Day Trip to Santorini by Boat from Rethymno

from € 145.00

Day Trip to Santorini from Agios Nikolaos and Elounda with transfer

from € 159.00

Day Trip to Santorini from Heraklion port.

from € 140.00

Full-Day Trip to Santorini by Boat from Rethymno with hotel transfer

from € 158.00

Wine Tasting From Rethymno

Learn about the local varieties of wine at the House of Wine. Discover the delicious and aromatic character of Cretan wines

Wine Tasting

from € 65.00