The Imbros Gorge Friday 20€

The second longest Gorge

Our bus start pick-up at07:30  and drop off at 17:30(from the hotels in Panormo, Scaleta, Adele, Platanias, Missiria, Rethymno town, Atsipopoulo, Kavros and Georgioupoli).This gorge runs parallel to the larger Samaria Gorge and is situated in the eastern part of the White Mountains. Although less famous, this
gorge is also beautiful with a few very narrow passages and stunning
rock formations. The walk has a length of nearly 8 kilometers and features
a gentle descend. Most people need approximately 3 hours. After
the walk we have time for a swim and a meal at the Libyan Sea. This
tour is also suitable for children. We do recommend good and comfortable

extras:entrance 2 eyro

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