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Following amazing walk paths

Following amazing walk paths

THE HAPPY WALKER is a tourist office, specializing in walking and hiking on the island of Crete. We take you away from the coastal tourist areas to the unspoiled countryside with magnificent scenery and friendly villages.

Besides our regular walking programme you can book in our office for other excursions like SAMARIA and the IMBROS gorge.
You can also contact The Happy Walker for complete walking holidays in different parts of Crete, individually or with a group.

ELEFTHERNA and surroundings

Crossing a green river valley and using old footpaths, we are on our way to the ancient city of Eleftherna. Under centuries-old olive trees, excavations are still going on. After coffee break we slowly descend towards Pikris, while we enjoy the magnificent views on Mount IDA and the coastline.


This walk starts with a visit to the late Minoan cemetery of Armeni. We walk through hilly surroundings, in an area with a large variety of trees, where oaks give us a shade. The magnificent views of the Lefka Ori and Mount Vrisinas are very rewarding!

The Lush and magnificent GORGE OF MILI

Uphill through the “valley of mills”, we pass the deserted village of Mili, almost covered up again by the lush vegetation. Further we walk along sheep tracks and field roads back towards the coast. Splendid views over the town of Rethymno will be the reward for our efforts.

NATURE in all its BEAUTY

The village of Kaloniktis and Palelimnos in inland Crete have kept their own character. In amongst the many different shades of green we cross a small river and further on we pass a sheepfold. As usual, at the end we set a course for a tasty lunch.

GREEN valleys and griffin VULTURES

Leaving Chromonasteri we are heading for Prasses, where we have a view of the imposing cliffs of the Prassano Gorge. Shall we see vultures setting off from their inaccessible caves? While passing some refreshing wells, we continue through hilly landscape and varied vegetation.


An interesting walk due to its unusual geological landscape and an abundance of flowers. From Kare we walk down into a valley where large fossil shells tell us about the long-ago past. After a short, steep climb we have splendid views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.


Picturesque villages, like Moundros and Kato Poros, and abundant nature, make this a very interesting walk. The ruins of an abandoned village, a beautiful threshing-floor, a giant plane tree at a refreshing well and rock-cut graves from Roman times.


  • No special training is required, but you should be reasonably fit
  • The average walking time is 4-5 hours
  • English speaking guide, international atmosphere
  • Transport to the starting point of the walk: taxi or minibus
  • Starting time 08:00. Return to the hotel around 16.00
  • After the walk we have lunch together in a village taverna; always very much appreciated! (not included)
  • You need walking shoes or trainers; we recommends sunglasses and a sunhat; have a good breakfast and bring drinking water

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