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One way Rethymno-Santorini Tue-Sat

Santorini ( Saint Irene)

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The boat departs from Rethymno port 08:00am and returns at 09:00pm

Many reasons have made this dream island globally famous and many of us have seen magnifisent pictures of it. Scientists relate Santorini to the mythical Atlantis. Also, Jules Verne has made Santorini famous through his novels "Twenty thousand leagues under the sea" and "The mysterious island".

Santorini is an ancient island, where the life of the volcano has significantly influenced the island's structure and the lifestyle of its inhabitants throughout history. Another reason that has made the island well known is the view of "Caldera" which is one of the most fascinating sceneries on the planet.

Santorini, also know as Thera, is widely considered to be Greece's most spectacular island. Thousands of tourists come every year to gape at the caldera of this volcano, a vestige of what was probably the world's largest volcanic eruption ever.

This eruption, which occurred sometime around 1450 BC, caused the middle of the volcano to sink, leaving a caldera of high cliffs, one of the world's most dramatic geographic spectacles.
There is a theory, one that has fired the imagination of writers, artists and mystics since ancient times, that postulates that the island was part of the lost continent of Atlantis.

The old-world village of Ia, 11 km. to the north of Fira, is a place of incomparable beauty. The unique appeal of Ia lies in its little houses hewn out of the soft rock, its neo-classical mansions with their courtyards, its narrow paved alleys. There is a superb view out to sea. Among the best bathing beaches - some of them with black sand and others with pebbles - are Kamari or Armeni, Amoudi, Baxedes Perissa, Monolithos and Kokini Paralia.
The striking landscape, the peculiarities of the natural environment, the unusual architecture and the outstanding monuments of Santorini attract very large numbers of visitors in the summer - so many, in fact, that the excellent tourist amenities of the island can only just cope with them.

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