Gramvousa island & Balos Bay Mon- Tue-Wed-Thu -Fri- Sun 8€

Gramvousa island - Platanos Tours

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This day starts with a drive along the north coast towards the town
Kastelli-Kissamos which lies in the very west of Crete. There we will
continue our trip by sailing around the peninsula of Gramvousa. This
cruise combines two destinations: The Island Gramvousa where you
can climb 137 meters to visit the Venetian Fortress (late 16th century).
From its walls you can enjoy a stunning view over the wide sea. The
other destination is the lagoon near the tip of the peninsula, better
known as Balos Bay. Here the sand is soft and white and the waters
have many different shades of blue and green. This really is one of the
best beaches on Crete!

extra :entrance 1 eyro -boatticket 27 eyro

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